Ray Peschke introduced his newest 360VR camera rig to the Costa Rican film community. Four true 4K cameras with MFT format lenses with 12 stops latitude, super fast processors, good for shooting in dark light situations.

PVF provided help to Smuckers Productions and producer Delise Sangmeister for their shoot at various coffee plantations.

Ray introduced introduced his 8K Helium RED package to Costa Rican film productions.

Ray Peschke is scouting various coffee plantations for his Virtual Reality company:
Kate Holland from production company Camp4Collective contacted PVF about shooting a real volcanologist at work around an active volcano for their campaign for "Extreme" Water Bottles
UPM Tanya Fenmore contacted PVF about pick-up shots for early summer.
Delise Sangmeister from GoCO in Florida contacted PVF to inquire about the protocol of shipping equipment to Costa Rica for an upcoming shoot in Costa Rica.
Ray Peschke meets with Victor Barriga and Mauricio Mendiola about establishing a VR ( Virtual Reality ) presence in Central America and some planned projects of RayteamVR in that region.
PVF restructured and expanded its area and also connected with other local production companies.
Ray Peschke meets Mauricio Mendiola, one of the most accomplished filmmakers of Costa Rica, for his upcoming project.
Ray Peschke has meetings with several banks for favorable rates for production companies.
Ray Peschke had meetings with various crews and producers in San Jose Costa Rica.
Ken Segna from famous cable channel " Starz " is planning on meeting with PVF in Costa Rica to discuss upcoming projects.
International Agency "All Crew Agency" ( London, Los Angeles ) referred producer Rebecca Deelo to Ray Peschke's PVF for possible productions in Costa Rica.
Marcus Marotto from San Francisco based company " Virtual Active " contacted PVF for locations, pre production and permits to filmk in Coista Rica.
Director Klaus Menzel ( " What about Love " with Sharon Stone and Andy Garcia ) went to Costa Rica and met up with PVF for a possible feature film.
Incognito Pictures and Tomarkus Films with Ernesto Melara at their helm met a few times with Ray Peschke for their feature film "Fireflies", which was originally slated for Mexico. But due to the dangerous and unstable conditions in Mexico they want to move their project to Costa Rica.
Production Manager Cori Cooperider from Backyard Productions and contacted PVF for a commercial shoot where they needed a beach and an urban environment as locations and a full fledged production service company.
Jeff Roberts, senior producer of Media Services Department contacted PVF for assistance for an upcoming documentary being partially filmed in Costa Rica in the beginning of 2012.
PVF's Ray Peschke took delivery of two EPIC X and two SCARLET cameras.
Production manager Nancy Dahl from Clockwork 906 Inc. contacted PuraVida Films for beach- and city locations for their upcoming commercials.
Producer Kirsten Flores and two of her production people flew to Costa Rica to scout for an adventure show for the travel channel. PVF is helping them to find locations, sort out customs, insurance, housing, transportation, communications and the filming.
Donna Tracy of Omni Cosm Studios who is developing a large format (Imax) film : " Journey to a Black Hole 3D " contacted PVF to possible production-service the shoot. She was travelling to Costa Rica to see some of the PVF-recommended locations and to meet people and crew.
Ray Peschke shot a feature film " The United " for Disney in Amman, Jordan with the help of PVF's sister company " Sandbag Productions ". The film is getting worldwide release.
Ray Peschke travelled to San Jose and introduced more RED camera equipment for use in Costa Rica.
Also added to PVF's arsenal were : Canon 5Ds and 7Ds with several L - series lenses.
PVF partnered with Underwater Productions. Gabriel Jimenez Monestel directed many great dives which resulted in hours of stock footage and hundreds of photos. The material was then incorporated into PVF's files.
Producer Laura Lemkowitz sent her Photographer Jim with a small crew from New York for a week's shoot to Costa Rica. PVF's Gabriel Monestel arranged and supervised everything for their project. By taking on the production service duties PVF made it a very successful and enjoyable shoot.
Laura, Jim and their crew were extremely happy and said: " The trip was a huge success and we can't thank you ( PVF ) enough".
PVF in discussions about locations and budget and crew for bringing the production of " BLUE CRUSH " to Costa Rica. After weeks of scouting and budgeting most of the film went to Hawaii and South Africa, although Costa Rica was the most cost effective choice.

Ray Peschke promoted his RED ONE Cameras to several producers and also tried to convince their filmmakers to consider stereoscopic 3- D Productions for their Projects. With Ray's expertise in 3-D stereoscopic productions and his 6 RED cameras and some of the newest 3-D rigs at his main offices in Hollywood he could jump start Costa Rica's stereoscopic productions.

Ray Peschke went to Costa Rica to promote the new RED camera packages. Ray also met with accomplished director/producer Mauricio Mendiola to discuss the RED cameras for his upcoming film.      


The US/German production company "Orange Sky" under the helm of producer Joseph Lieck asked PVF for location photos for their upcoming feature film, set on an island in the Caribbean. The 2 main locations needed: a 'ritzi' villa - a rock star retreat - and a romantic fishing village.

Ray Peschke and Gabriel Jimenez Monestel were scouting for several weeks and returned with hundreds of photos of possible locations. Gorgeous villas with $10 million + price tags are available to PVF for very low rental fees.

Location Scouting and budgeting for several production companies from the US and Europe. Pascal Leister with Lodestar Films was among the directors to have Ray and PVF scout Costa Rica. And director Tommy Reid is looking for locations standing in for Hawaii for his upcoming thriller

PVF's RED cameras lensed their first feature film "THE WHIFFLER" with great success. Several commercials, music videos and short films were also filmed with the incredible 4K resolution RED cameras. For more on the RED, visit

Lionsgate and Mike Upton asked PVF to find locations for their upcoming feature film "The Forrest of Mirrors". The film takes place in Guatemala in the early 60's. Ray Peschke and production manager Gabriel Yimenez took over 100 photographs during a full week of scouting to find locations that would evoke the look of Guatemala in that time period. After returning to the U.S. Ray met with Lionsgate's producers to present the photographs and a preliminary budget for the shoot in Costa Rica. Starting date for the shoot is to be determined.

An Icelandic Production Company approached PVF about providing locations and logistics for a feature film project slanted for June 2008. Their needs include a coffee plantation and a pristine beach.



Famed producer Joseph Sassone appoached PVF for his feature film project: "Relentless". The picture is set entirely in the rainforrest and is going to be shot early next year.

PVF helped ABC/Disney on a segment for the famed reporter Barbara Walters. PVF handles transportation, crew, equipment and office services. Shooting is projected to take place in December.

RAY PESCHKE travelled to the Mideast, a up-and-coming film destination. He made connections in Lebanon (Film Platform Productions) and Jordan (Sandbag Productions). PVF established especially close ties with Fadi Saraf, executive producer of Sandbag Productions in the efforts to promote both countries as film destinations with fantastic and diverse locations, good crews, safe environments and plenty of local talent.

Dec 2006-Mar 2007
RAY PESCHKE went twice to Europe to promote PVF and Costa Rrica as a film destination.
There was lots of interest especially from Italy, Germany and Holland.


THE TRIBE, which was shot in Costa Rica, was shown as a first rough cut to the applause of everybody. Especially all the great locations have gotten rave reviews.

PVF ordered 3 REDONE cameras, with lots of lenses and all the necessary accessories.
It apparentlly will be THE state of the art camera, with 4K and 2K and HD formats.
These cameras will surpass everything on the market. they will make shooting in Costa Rica more affordable, easier and in terms of quality the best option available. Stay tuned , for more information go to RED.COM.

PVF added JUAN GABRIEL JIMENEZ MONESTEL to their roster of staff members. He studied in Mexico, speaks fluent English and has already a long list of credits in the film industry on his resume.

Ray Peschke and Pura Vida Films were approached by Ben Stiller about an action comedy set in Vietnam - TROPIC THUNDER. Ray had the ideal locations in Costa Rica and PVF's budget was about half the amount this project would cost being filmed in Hawaii. Unfortunately that film was postponed indefinetly, due to the on-going re-structuring of DREAMWORKS.

Now Ray worked again with Ben Stiller on TENACIOUS D AND THE PICK OF DESTINY and the re-shoots.

During that time he was approached yet again for another film project that called for a jungle location - which PVF has now secured. 300 acres surrounding a 5-star hotel about 20 minutes from the international airport in San Jose. PVF is standing by to take the producers and director to a short scout in Costa Rica.

Ray Peschke of Pura Vida Films and Ben Stiller had worked together previously on 'The Cable Guy'.

After a few weeks of preperations a six week shoot took place. Despite the rainy season it was a very successful production - check out: PVF wishes theTRIBE a very successful and creative post production and looks forward to the release of the film .


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Ray Peschke and the "tribe people" - now also including their stunt coordinator and production designer - went to Costa Rica for a one week scout. PVF found all their locations within days and meetings with key people such as AD, sound mixer, keygrip, gaffer, etc. were set up . The 'tribe people' were also very happy with the accomodation PVF set up for them.
Producers Mohit Ramchandani, Joel Sadilek and director Jorg Ihle contacted Ray Peschke of PURA VIDA FILMS about shooting their film "THE TRIBE" in Costa Rica instead of Mexico, where the locations would have been too remote and where production costs would have been much higher.
Nydrle Productions
is interested in Costa Rica as the backdrop for a commercial for a famous beauty product. PVF is scouting locations and is working on a budget for this first class production.