Film Equipment         


All equipment (sound, lights, grip, camera, post-production) needed for studio or location filming and personnel needed for their operation, are available in Costa Rica at international standards. Additional or highly specialized equipment can usually be imported from Miami, Florida on the same day.

Costa Rica houses some 25 audiovisual production companies and there are approximately 200 independent professionals in all categories. Although there is no union in existence, the film industry here is a tight knit community whose teamwork matches that of any other country. These professionals are easily capable of handling the challenges of any kind of production from pre-production to the final cut on any format.

Due to the ever- increasing number of new film equipment into Costa Rica, updated information can be obtained by contacting Pura Vida Films. And all questions regarding permits, insurance, contracts, etc. can be answered by the Pura Vida Films production staff.

Labor agreements between the individual production company and local employees are adapted to fit each situation and the particular characteristics of the project. There are no regulations limiting the number of foreign employees and a foreign producer can work with all foreign personnel. However, the presence of a Costa Rican technical staff and especially a local producer or production service is strongly recommended.