It offers the best screen-cost quality for any foreign producer.

Pura Vida Films is available to act as guide, host and partner to foreign and local audiovisual producers who wish to develop, execute, and finish their projects in Costa Rica. We are glad to supply information, provide production space, crews, equipment, and necessary support for all your production needs. And we do this with the warmth and "pura vida" characteristic of Costa Rica.

Pura Vida Films, the Costa Rican Government and the Costa Rica Film Institute are working together to establish a Film Commission, whose purpose it will be to support all film activities. Many world famous directors like Ridley Scott ("1492"), Frank Marshall ("Congo"), Robert Rodriguez ("Spy Kids 2"), and Stephen Spielberg ("Jurassic Park") have come to Costa Rica to film their projects. Major studios (i.e. Fox's television series "Mogli - The Jungle Book" and the TV reality show "Temptation Island" ) and many others have chosen to film their commercials, documentaries, music-videos, sitcoms, and soap operas in beautiful, peaceful Costa Rica.

On average 100 film and video projects are shot yearly in Costa Rica. And since 1990 nearly 250 foreign films, commercials and music videos have been realized here.

Pura Vida Films was conceived with the goal of making your film or video production experience in Costa Rica as easy, cost-effective, professional and as enjoyable as possible. With Reinhart Peschke, who worked on hundreds of productions in Europe and the USA, PuraVidaFilms is your 'one-stop-shopping' producing partner, that will guarantee quality at bargain prices. We will give you peace of mind and let you return home with a big smile on your face.

Under Water Production by Pura Vida Films

Pura Vida Films is now introducing UWP by PVF, a production arm focussing on beach- and sea related film production needs. UWP provides beach locations, boats, yachts, sail boats, scuba equipment and has professional scuba divers and rescue divers on their team. For more info, contact Gabriel Jiménez Monestel at rodolfo.jimenez@rjasesores.com or call the office at: 001 (506) 2441-5005

RED CAMERAS revolutionizing local film production

Ray Peschke visited several prominent producers in Costa Rica to promote the EPIC cameras, which Pura Vida Films has available for rental. This will help local productions to avoid problems that arise from having to ship film stock for processing to The US or other countries.

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